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We help various individuals of different ages, backgrounds, and needs. The balance of risk/returns versus ultimate needs is what drives the process.


Pre-Retirees / Retirees

As you approach retirement, you need a portfolio with stability. This is necessary to supplement the income needed during retirement. Decreasing stocks and increasing the weight of fixed-income instruments can be targeted to your specific income needs.


Professionals / Executives

Having an experienced Scholtz & Company Portfolio Manager helps give you the peace of mind you need to keep performing at work. You can start and end every day knowing that your financial strategy and future retirement are safeguarded in capable hands. 


Many of our clients have been with us for over 25 years and are already working to ensure Scholtz & Company manages their assets through their family’s next generation. 

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Life Transitions  

We work with a wide variety of clients, including those going through major life changes such as marriage, starting a family, divorce, and sadly, death.  When you call Scholtz & Company, you will speak directly with someone who cares deeply about your issues and will help to solve your problems. 

Business Owners  

Business owners are in a constant changing  environment, with financial needs often in flux. We can modify portfolios to account for changes in immediate capital needs, and adjust to changes in savings rates to ensure an eventual successful retirement.


Contact Us 

Let’s talk and see how we can help you get to where you want to be.

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